SHINE Online Pupil Mental Health Survey launches 4th September 2020

The SHINE on-line pupil mental health survey will be available to all SHINE schools on 4th September 2020. All the relevant documents to deploy the survey have been placed in SHINE schools’ individual digital secure folders where they are accessible to the SHINE Lead in each school.

Schools will be able to use the survey as a resource with all pupils from Primary 6 up to S6 to measure and monitor wellbeing across the school community. If sufficient numbers of pupils complete the survey, a school-level HWB data report will be returned to the school by SHINE. This report can be used to support whole-school health and wellbeing improvement planning, as well as inform the PSE curriculum agenda.

The report has been designed in an accessible format to encourage sharing the data with the whole-school community. As the survey tracks aggregate data trends, rather than individual data, no personal-level data can be identified. Data trends according to age and gender will support the school’s understanding of priority areas for action as well as positive progress in health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the SHINE online pupil mental health survey, please contact