In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SHINE has put together some simple wellbeing advice sheets for young people, parents/carers and school staff in order to support schools. These sheets could be circulated within the digital school community, posted to a digital wellbeing hub or e-mailed out. Each advice sheet also includes relevant website links, which we hope you will find useful. Any feedback or comments can be e-mailed to



The TeenCOVIDLife Survey was launched in May 2020 for young people aged 12 to 17. Generation Scotland working with SHINE  produced this health and wellbeing survey to provide a voice for young people to articulate the impact that social distancing, home schooling and exam cancellation may be having on them. The British Science Association revealed that almost 9 out of 10 young people don’t think scientists are talking to them about COVID-19. We want to change this and support young people in having their say.

Questions from the HBSC survey as well as the forthcoming SHINE On-line Pupil Mental Health survey have been incorporated into the TeenCOVIDLife survey, so SHINE schools will have the opportunity to gather base-line mental health data to compare with any data collected later via the SHINE pupil on-line pupil mental health survey. Participating SHINE schools will receive a report with the national findings of the survey in July, as well a school-level data report in August (survey numbers permitting) to assist with planning for the transition back to school.

The initial results, launched on the 10th August 2020, revealed that loneliness, exam worries & poor sleep were among key impacts of the lockdown.

Any schools who are not members of SHINE yet and would like more information about this, please contact

COVID-19 Emerging Minds Webinar resources
University of Oxford

Emerging Minds at the University of Oxford have put together a series of COVID-19 webinar resources to support children and young people’s mental health at this difficult time.

Please click on the links below to access the webinars:

       Tuesday 24 March, 2020 With Prof Cathy Creswell, Dr Polly Waite & Prof Helen Dodd

       Friday 17 April, 2020 With Dr Amy Orben and Dr Peter Etchells.

        Tuesday, 21 April, 2020 With Dr Maria Loades and Professor Shirley Reynolds. 

        Thursday 23 April, 2020 With Dr Jonathan Green and Dr James Cusack.  

        Tuesday 12 May, 2020 With Professor Ann John & Dr Faraz Mughal.

  • Back to school after lockdown: school reintegration and youth mental health        

       Friday 22 May, 2020 With Dr Polly Waite, Fran Morgan from Square Peg & Professor Tamsin Ford. 

       Wednesday 27 May, 2020 With Dr Faith Orchard, University of Reading, and Dr Dimitri Gavriloff , University of Oxford.

       Thursday 28 May, 2020 With Dr Wendy Russell, University of Gloucestershire & Professor Helen Dodd, University of        Reading.