SHINE National Network Event 2024

Thursday 2nd May 2024  10.00am -15.30pm  at the Clarice Pears Building, School of Health and Wellbeing, 90 Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8TB

We look forward to hosting the 2024 in-person conference at the School of Health and Wellbeing. An opportunity to network with health researchers and fellow educational practitioners to support the use of health and wellbeing data for improvement planning in the school setting.  

Invitations and registration details for school members and associates were emailed directly to the school or Local Authority SHINE contacts in early March. Any external delegates wishing to attend should email the Network Manager at

Theme: Using health and wellbeing data evidence for school improvement planning to support positive health outcomes for young people

Draft programme( timings are not fixed)

Welcome address Dawn Haughton, SHINE Network Manager
Minimizing Young Children’s Anxiety through Schools – Dr Tessa Reardon, Research Fellow, Jesus’ College, Oxford University Dr Reardon will present her work investigating efficient and cost-effective methods to support parents managing young children with anxiety in partnership with schools. Sharing learning from the iCATS and MyCATS programmes, Dr Reardon will demonstrate the potential of partnership working.
Adolescent health and wellbeing: how are Scotland’s young people doing? Findings from the 2022 HBSC Scotland and International reports The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study team, University of Glasgow The HBSC team will present key findings from the HBSC Scotland study 2022 survey providing an overview of the health trends and challenges facing young people in Scotland today. The mental health and wellbeing findings will be placed in context against the international outcomes from the other 43 countries participating in the HBSC 2022 survey round. Q&A plus discussion around how these data can be used in the school setting.
Coffee/Tea break
School & research collaboration case study 1: How successful school/research collaborations inform the whole-school improvement plan Professor Kirstin Mitchell, University of Glasgow Bio and Rachel Fagan, PT Pastoral, Selkirk High School, Scottish Borders   Professor Mitchell will present preliminary findings from the Equally Safe at School study and outline the next steps of the national evaluation. Rachel Fagan will showcase the ongoing work with the ESAS team at Selkirk High School, explaining how this research collaboration has contributed to the school improvement planning process.
Making sense of big data in the school setting – an interactive workshop focusing on how research expertise can support the improvement planning process in schools led by the SHINE team, University of Glasgow and Generation Scotland, University of Edinburgh. In groups, delegates will review and discuss resources developed for schools by the SHINE team and Generation Scotland to support the understanding and implementation of data science in the school setting. There will be opportunities to identify gaps in provision and contribute to the further development of resources for schools.  
Lightening Research Carousel : short, snappy overviews of health research projects, sharing findings, new methods and potential benefits for schools.
Project 1: SOCITS (a Socially Situated Systems approach to adolescent mental health) – Dr Jim Allen, University of Glasgow Bio
Project 2: Crowdsourcing and citizen science for adolescent health – Dr Andrew Williams, University of Edinburgh  Bio
Project 3: Improving adolescent health by addressing emotionally-based school non-attendance -SHINE Team
Project 4: Community Connections: Building and strengthening a system for physically active Primary Schools – Rob Sutton, PhD MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
School case study 2: A whole-school approach to working with the SHINE mental health data reports Jody Rushworth, DHT, and young people, Bishopbriggs Academy, East Dunbartonshire An inspiring showcase of the various initiatives and practice introduced or enhanced following the use of the  SHINE mental health survey as part of a Local Authority-wide data collection in 2022-23. Young people will present their work as mental health ambassadors alongside the Depute Headteacher’s experiences of sharing the data with parents/carers, staff and community partners to support positive outcomes for young people’s mental health.
Sharing practice across the network on Using HWB evidence in school improvement planning to support positive health outcomes for young people“. Structured interactive delegate workshop in groups.
Explore and share with fellow delegates the challenges and successes of collecting and sharing health & wellbeing data in the school setting as part of a whole school approach. We aim to find out what works, where more support is needed and identify gaps where research expertise could potentially support school improvement planning with regard to
– Interpretation of the data – what is useful and are there gaps in support?
– Sharing the data with key stakeholders – principles of the whole-school approach
– Aligning findings with resources and practice to support improvement planning.
– Gaps where research practice/expertise could provide support
Closing remarks