Benefits of SHINE for schools

Benefits of SHINE for schools

Schools that join the Network will be offered:

Individual school feedback reports on findings from the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) Survey in Scotland, if your school participates in the HBSC survey, which happens every 4 years.1

Access to use the SHINE Online Pupil Mental Health Survey in order to collect data, receive a school-level data report and use the evidence to track, monitor and plan improvements in pupil wellbeing. This survey can be used by pupils from P6 to S6. There is no cost for the report.

Resources to support school health improvement activities. These will include research briefings, interactive online data, webinars and evidence-informed resources.

SHINE data reports include a support section to facilitate the interpretation of the data. Advice on using an evidence-based, whole school approach to wellbeing and challenge questions, as well as a directory of not for profit organisations who can help are also included.

Professional development and Network events to support learning and networking with other schools.

Opportunity to attend SHINE conferences where teachers will be able to hear about the latest evidence-based research and best practice, and share experiences with other schools.

1Schools collecting data responses for fewer than 14 pupils will not be able to have an individual school data report but may contribute to a data report collated with other schools in the learning community.