Benefits of SHINE for schools

Schools that join the Network will be offered:

Individual school feedback reports on findings from the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) Survey in Scotland, if your school participated in the HBSC.1 SHINE schools who did not participate in the HBSC in 2017-2018 will receive a Regional Improvement Collaborative health and wellbeing report instead. The HWB report will include information on a range of health behaviours and outcomes such as mental health, body image, physical activity, healthy eating, smoking, alcohol use and bullying, which can then be used to prioritise health and wellbeing activities, plan new initiatives, and engage parents with pupil health concerns. It can also be used to support CfE self-evaluation and to enrich the curriculum with up-to-date health-related research findings, for example in maths, science or PSE lessons. There is no cost for the report.

Resources to support school health improvement activities. These will include research briefings, interactive online data, webinars and evidence-informed resources.

Social and emotional education and development (SEED) resource guide, providing a range of ideas and materials to support pupils’ social and emotional development in school.

Professional development and Network events to support learning and networking with other schools.

Opportunity to attend SHINE conferences where teachers will be able to hear about the latest evidence-based research and best practice, and share experiences with other schools.

1Schools providing HBSC returns for fewer than 15 pupils will not be able to have their individual school data fed back but will receive a composite report with other local schools.