Pupil health and academic attainment are intertwined. Healthier pupils have higher attainment and, in the longer term, those who achieve better educational outcomes have better health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing is a core value of the SHANARRI indicators (GIRFEC) and is key to helping each child achieve their full potential. While numerous interventions have been developed to promote pupil health and wellbeing, results are mixed and more research is needed on how best to increase their effectiveness.

High quality health improvement research in Scotland would benefit children, schools and policy makers.

In 2014 a Schools Health Research Network was set up in Wales to enable effective collaboration between schools, policy makers and academic researchers, focusing on school-based health improvement research. It began with a small number of secondary schools but by 2018 all Welsh secondary schools had joined the Network. The individual school health and wellbeing data reports co-produced by schools with the Network are proving invaluable to the Welsh schools for monitoring wellbeing in the schools, targeting interventions and directing improvement planning. 

Today, in Scotland, we have 553 schools in the SHINE network. We are proud to include local authority primary and secondary schools, independent schools and special schools from the Shetland Isles to the Scottish Borders in all 32 Local Authority areas.

If you would like your school to become a member of SHINE, complete the online registration form on the front page of the website. It’s free to join!

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The SHINE team is based at the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit and Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit offices at the Universities of Glasgow and St Andrews. Details on who we are and what we do can be found below.

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University of Glasgow
University of St Andrews                          University of Edinburgh                       University of Strathclyde


The SHINE Network is led by University of Glasgow and University of St Andrews. The schools in the Schools Health and Wellbeing Improvement Research Network are joined by the following partners:

In 2014, a schools network was set up in Wales to enable effective collaboration between schools, policy makers and academic researchers focusing on school-based health improvement research. By 2018 all Welsh secondary schools had joined.

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Our advisory board meets twice a year in order to provide independent external review, advice and support on the operational and strategic development of SHINE.

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Name Role/Organisation
Lorna Aitken
Senior Education Officer Inclusion Equalities and Wellbeing, Education Scotland
Gillian Barclay
Depute Principal Psychologist, Children's Services, Edinburgh City
Christine Brown
Quality Improvement Officer, Scottish Borders Council
Fiona Casey
Vice President, Scottish Guidance Association
Alison Drever
West Partnership, Leadership and Improvement
Caroline Falconer
Quality Improvement Manager, South East Improvement Collaborative
Lynda Fenton
Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Public Health Scotland
Rory Mitchell
Public Health Intelligence Principal, Public Health Scotland
Simon Murphy
Director of DECIPHer, Lead ofr the Schools Health Research Network, Cardiff University
Kevin Quinn
Depute Head Teacher, St Andrew's Secondary School
Eileen Scott
Public Health Scotland
Gary Sutton
Statistician, Education Analytical Services, Learning Analysis Unit, Scottish Government
Neil White
Senior Statistician, Health and Social Care Analysis, Scottish Government