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Events in 2018

Scottish Learning Festival September 2018

The SHINE team was delighted to meet so many representatives from all areas of education at the Scottish Learning Festival at the SECC on 19th and 20th September 2018. The initial interest in the pilot study and potential collaborations between health researchers and schools to improve health and wellbeing is very positive and demonstrates support for the project. We asked those we spoke to for an indication of the main areas for concern in their institutions. Having collated the contents of the suggestions box from the two day event, the response showed an overwhelming 77% of practitioners requested more support and interventions regarding mental health.

Scottish Guidance Association Annual Conference October 2018

Members of the SHINE team exhibited at the SGA annual conference on 27th October. We had the opportunity to engage with Guidance teachers from all over Scotland to discuss the SHINE pilot study. The conference offered practitioners the opportunity to hear more about the delivery of Sexual Health strategies in schools from Suzanne Hargreaves, Health and Wellbeing Lead for Education Scotland. There were also presentations from Young Carers, LGBT and Fearless (Crimestoppers) promoting awareness of strategies and resources with which to support our young people. The research briefings provided by SHINE to highlight recent data related to mental and emotional health proved popular with teachers, who recognize the need for up to date information, relevant to Scottish pupils.

The Mental Health Conference for Schools in Scotland November 2018

Given the increasing prevalence of Mental Health issues among Scotland’s young people, it was no surprise to find this conference fully booked and well attended. The range of information, insights, practical strategies and interventions shared tackled the key issues facing professionals working with young people today. Audit Scotland highlighted the lack of relevant and recent research data available to schools, with many still quoting the UK wide data: “In 2004, one in ten children and young people (10 per cent) aged 5–16 had a clinically diagnosed mental disorder:” It was recognized that up to date data relevant to Scottish pupils is much needed, that collaborative working such as the strategies modelled by Highland Council and sharing the excellent whole school practice modelled by Wallace High School and George Heriot’s School are crucial to turning the tide of the Mental Health crisis.

S4 Mental Health and Wellbeing Day – Carluke High School 17th Dec 2018

We were delighted to be invited to deliver a workshop to support the S4 Mental Health and Wellbeing day on 17th Dec at Carluke High School. We used the “Best Start in Life” activity to generate discussion with the S4 groups about the social and environmental factors which most influence a child’s wellbeing as he/she grows up.  With the help of some research facts, the role of various factors related to the Individual, School, Community, Family, Environment and Society were discussed. Interestingly, the order of influence with factors relating to School produced the most heated debate. Some very interesting points were raised. Throughout the day, Carluke High School provided opportunities for the S4 pupils to be physically active, be mindful  and discuss many aspects of mental wellbeing, as well as hearing about ways to seek help or make positive changes if experiencing difficulties. A very worthwhile event for all concerned.