SHINE Webinar 6: eNurture – young people’s mental health in the digital age

Webinar 6 in the SHINE Expert Webinar Series will take place on Wednesday 28th April 2021 at 4pm using the virtual platform Zoom. The theme is “eNurture – young people’s mental health in the digital age”.

We are delighted that Professor Gordon Harold from the University of Cambridge will be sharing his insights and knowledge with us, stemming from his research examining the factors that either positively or negatively affect young people’s mental health and development from birth to age 18+ years. Professor Harold is the inaugural Professor of the Psychology of Education and Mental health at the University of Cambridge, as well as being the Director of the eNurture network. He will give a presentation, followed by an opportunity for attendees to discuss the theme further and ask questions directly to Professor Harold.

Invitations to register for the event have been emailed out to SHINE network members and associates. However, if you are interested in the event and would like to register, please contact the SHINE network manager at